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We are currently in transition of updating our homilies; however, please call or email us when you need a speaking or reading homily that has not yet been made avail-able on the website, or has not been posted yet!  Thank you for your patience and for your support of this ministry.

Deacon John Pate


HomilyStarters© are prayerfully and carefully created ten-to-twelve minute homilies, ready for preaching by priests or deacons at Sunday mass or other occasions.  We offer HomilyStarters© for every Sunday of the liturgical year, plus a Funeral Homily, and a growing collection of Special Homilies and other items.

You can also purchase each Sunday Gospel homily in a "reading format
" (contains all of the same material that is in the "speaking format," but is designed in book form for a quicker read)!

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Each HomilyStarter© gives you

  • the Scripture passage from the current Cycle of the Lectionary
  • thoughts from careful research, with  Scripture and Catechism references
  • illustrations and applications

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For each HomilyStarter©, our extensive, prayerful research includes Catholic commentaries, works by Catholic clergy, and Internet sources which address the specific Scripture passage under consideration.  You save time on research!

In each speaking format homily – pauses
and changes in pace are already marked. HomilyStarters©  are designed to be easily presented.  You save time on preparation.

Yet you can still add to the homily or delete from it . . . cut and paste . . . include your own illustrations and applications . . . or highlight in any way . . . to make it your own!

The price of each speaking format is  $5.00
The price of each reading Format is  $5.00 
(which contains everything that is in the speaking format; just not enhanced). 

Visit our online store [shop.homilystarters.com]
to choose just the right homily and download it instantly, or click on our Homilies-Cycle A/B/C tab. Purchase only the homily you actually need, at the time you need it.

Things you should know:

  • If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will be sent a full refund.
  • All Scripture readings and reference Scriptures are from the New American Bible (NAB).
  • We are continually posting new homilies to this website and refreshing older ones.
  • All profits go to a Catholic orphanage in Honduras, Farm of the Child.   
  • We welcome FEEDBACK! 

    Fresh ideas and helpful comments are always encouraged.  We want to hear from you! 

         Email us: info@homilystarters.com   
        or call us at (479) 925-3191!


       To help cover our production costs, we charge
      a small fee for each homily.

     All profit goes 
to the Farm of the Child, 
     a Catholic orphanage in Honduras    


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Dear Fellow Homilist,

     Thank you for your interest in my website.  Having been a deacon for several years, I am launching this ministery as a service to other homilists.  My mission is to aid those who preach and handle many other responsibilities to more quickly and easily prepare their homily assignments, using the quality research and presentation tools that are provided.

      HomilyStarters© offers a foundation upon which one can build a very effective homily.  In addition, this springboard provides a simple way to create one's own unique style.

     Through this ministry, I support the Farm
of the Child, a Catholic orphanage,
with ALL revenue above actual production costs.

     May God bless you on your journey!
                                          --Deacon John Pate

"You are the light of the world.

A city set on a mountain
cannot be hidden"
Matthew 5:14 (NAB).

How to Develop Your Homily

Using our Speaking-Format

      Remember, the HomilyStarter© you download is a basic one to help you get started. 


      It has been my experience that beginning with a basic homily saves me much time; because rather than starting from scratch, all I need to do is edit and customize it.

     First, pray a prayer for inspiration.  For example, my prayer is:

  • Lord, open my mind to know and understand your Truth (II Timothy 2:4, 15) [cross your head]   
  • Lord, open my heart to believe and love your Truth (John 6:69; James 2:26) [cross your heart]    
  • Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will proclaim your praise  (Psalm 51:15) [cross your lips].

       After you have downloaded your Homily Starter©, carefully read the Gospel reading at least twice, and read the HomilyStarter©  at least two times.  Then, follow any inspiration you are receiving . . . from the still, small voice within you (I Kings 19:12).

By inspiration from God, you will know the central theme that God wants you to convey in your homily.  After you are sure about the main idea, delete everything from the downloaded HomilyStarter© that does not support that idea.

If you have a short personal story or other illustration, which is applicable to the main theme, insert it.  But, remember, neither this homily nor any homilies are about you.  They must point others to Jesus!

If any cross-referenced Scriptures, information from the Catechism, or ideas from commentaries come to mind, you may want to use these as well.


      Ask yourself, “How can I apply the one point I  am conveying to my daily life here and now?”  Bring home to the hearers exactly how the application of this homily can draw them closer to Christ.
Now, to be sure you are within time constraints, do a word count.  Most speakers speak at about 100 words per minute.  If you speak faster than this, you may want to slow down, so the average listener can hear and under-stand the message.

      After prayerfully going over the homily several times, you will be ready to approach the ambo with confidence and in the strength of the Lord! 



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